Legal Research

At DecisionPoint Marketing & Research we specialize in scientifically linking the voice of the juror to your case. Maybe it’s not just whether you win or lose the case, maybe it’s about achieving maximum potential from every case.


We approach each opportunity creatively, drawing upon our expertise in marketing, behavioral research tools and methods, and state-of-the-art research technology, as well as our experience across industries to craft effective solutions.


Great legal cases are built on a foundation of knowledge.

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination

-Jimmy Dean


To make great decisions you need insight about your jurors. Insight that you can use to improve your message, maximize your awards and win your case.


DecisionPoint delivers the insight to help our clients make great decisions.




Attorney Speaking to Jury

Attorney Speaking to Jury



Mock Jury Trials

Mapping the Process:


-Recruit 24 jurors that represent the demography of the jurisdiction that will be represented in court.images


-Profile jurors (with pictures) for report. Initiate survey to establish prejudices and further screen for conflicting relationships that may arise in voir dire process.


-Opening arguments on both sides of case
Present evidence on both sides of the case
Closing arguments on both sides of the case
Read juror instructions


-Initiate individual juror follow up survey (pre-deliberations) to establish ruling and damages. This data is used to establish best and worst juror. Help each group deliberate the evidence and establish group concensus. Typically three tie-breaking verdicts are established.


-Present a report that summarizes the best and worst juror for this case, a summary of the findings based on tabulated surveys and a qualitative assessment of each group’s jury deliberation.



Legal Focus Groups