Company Background

Decisionpoint Consulting has evolved from a focus group facility in Akron, Ohio to a full service digital marketing research consulting company. Many organizations around the US and Canada rely on our service to assist them with focus group recruiting, moderating and online survey development. We have been in business since 1994, we are a chapter S corporation. We spend countless hours with our clients learning about their business. Our goal is not to assist on a one-time basis, but to develop a collaborative partnership that builds from a knowledge base of business successes over time.


We are very protective of our clients’ trade secrets and always begin every conversation with a non-disclosure agreement. Our core belief as a company resides in the trust we build with our respondents. Our relationship does not end once they have participated in a focus group in their area, we nurture these relationships by providing substantial incentives for participating in online surveys and always being true to our word. They are always the first group we reach out to in a geographic area to begin the recruiting process.


What we provide to our clients is confidence, we tell it like it is, so that you can make business decisions based on facts not speculation. We have a focus facility in Canton , Ohio and are able to set up for site usability tests, focus groups or mock jury trials.




Owner’s Bio

13612391_10100174838065271_1410142677783989489_n (3)Amy is an accomplished marketing research professional with proven ability to build, measure, and develop insightful marketing strategy. Experienced in the full suite of qualitative and quantitative methodology, she has a talent for mastering new technology, concepts and insights in a creative and innovative manner. She has expertise in concept testing, segmentation, purchase and usage studies, brand equity studies, focus group moderation, brand positioning, advertising research and pricing research. She has served as the president of DecisionPoint Marketing in the Akron, Canton market since 1994.


Her portfolio of client’s reads like the Who’s Who in Fortune 500 business pages. She is an accomplished professional and is able to draw insight from traditional as well as non-traditional methodologies.She has received awards from both the Sales and Marketing Executives for her distinguished presence in marketing community in Northeast Ohio as well as the “Best-in-Class” award for her tenure as the president of the Akron-Canton American Marketing Association.




Business Partner Jerry Godic
Senior Consultant

Jerry has been a market research professional for over 35 years, and is particularly skilled at designing and conducting studies for his clients that provide insights that yield successful outcomes.


His expertise involves handling the full range of research project components, including project design, implementation, analysis/results interpretation and presentation. This experience encompasses both quantitative and qualitative study designs, and includes focus group planning, group moderation and results analysis.


While conducting focus group sessions, Jerry has the unique ability to make his audience feel very comfortable in sharing and expressing their opinions with other members of the group. This relaxed atmosphere allows for the understanding of why individuals think the way they do and how their decisions are made. These insight are invaluable when identifying and determining the potential success of a new product or idea.


During his career, he has had the privilege of working with a variety of consumer and industrial companies on a local and national level, conducting studies that involved a full gamut of design issues ranging from product conception, product design and product improvement opportunities. These companies included Carrier/Bryant, GOJO Industries, AKZO/Nobel/ICI, SPX/Bosch, Trico, Sizzler USA, Bruster’s Ice Cream, CVS/pharmacies, Westinghouse and Malco Products among others.


Jerry received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cleveland State University, and is a past President of the Cleveland Chapter of the American Marketing Association. He is currently a consultant in the market research industry.